6 Clever Ways to Boost an Ecommerce Homepage

According to many statistics, ecommerce sales are expected to grow to almost $3.5 trillion in 2019 and grabbing only a handful of the market share means generating a hefty profit. However, to start a successful online business, you have to create an amazing website.

The homepage is the first thing customers see when they visit your site. Focus on this element and explain how to take care of it most effectively. Here are six of the best practices to build a flawless ecommerce homepage.

1. Simple Navigation Bar

The average visitor of an ecommerce website wants to check out some of the products. The reason you need to develop a simple and intuitive navigation bar that can take users to the targeted page with a single click. The navigation bar should be highly visible and placed horizontally in the upper part of the homepage. Allow it all the categories relevant to your digital store. For example, this is what many service sites do on their homepages by giving visitors the chance to choose between different types of product through the navigation bar.

2. Add a Search Box

Regardless of how simple your navigation bar might be, many people will want to search for items differently. In this case, it is best to offer a search box and allow visitors to look for specific products on their own. The reason even the most popular websites use a Search Box. You can check a search box on Medium or Apple homepages.

3. Eliminate Rotating Carousels

Rotating carousels have been around for a while and this type of homepage element does not belong to ecommerce websites. While carousels can help businesses to display several products, such as on Forever21 and Adobe, the users won’t be willing to wait and watch images rotate in front of them. People require instant activity and carousels can interfere with the desire to check out products quickly.

4. Highlight Free Shipping

It is a fact that nine out of ten users claim free shipping and considered the number one incentive to shop online more often. It’s a golden point when it comes to online retail which forces ecommerce websites to highlight the free shipping feature on their homepages. If the ecommerce stores offer free shipping, then they should focus on highlighting the feature. When the visitors notice this feature, they are much more likely to transform from leads to customers. Adidas used the free shipping feature to attract new customers.

5. Give Suggestions

Ecommerce platforms are amazingly powerful and able to evaluate customer information in real-time. You can take benefit of it by giving tailored recommendations based on users’ history of interactions with your content. A wide variety of users loves to check out the ‘You May Also Like’ section, which Amazon or Lifehacker use to make sure they are not missing add-ons or extra offers.

6. Publish Great Visuals

Product images are essential to the success of your ecommerce business. You are unable to display every item on your homepage, but always add a few interesting products to intrigue your target audience. The best option is to keep changing photos regularly to fit perfectly to the current trend. For example, consider changing visuals for different seasons, particular product launches, events, or holidays. Images can make the homepage more appealing and offer more relevancy.

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