How to Effectively Manage Out of Stock Products

It is common among online stores to show out of stock products but some of the websites fail miserably in displaying these features. Some ecommerce stores don’t show any out of stock products making it difficult for the customers to find it, while others do it efficiently. When it comes to managing out of stock products, here are a few mistakes online stores make and strategies you can try to prevent it.

Redirecting to the Homepage

A few ecommerce stores redirect the customers to their homepage instead of telling them the product is out of stock. This strategy may not be useful for a few customers and they have to select particular menu items first to find what they are looking for. If you are redirecting the customers to the homepage, then it can be considered a negative tactic and they might not visit your online store again.

Showing 404 Error

The 404 Page is another mistake people rendering that the site is broken. Google will consider it a red flag if the out of stock product page is showing several 404 errors. Use red color to explain the customers the product is no longer available on sale. The customers hate 404 errors and they might not even think twice before leaving your online store and landing on your competitor’s page.

The Print

There are several ecommerce stores that don’t change the product pages at all. After clicking on the buy button, there is a fine print displayed telling the customers the specific product is not available and is out of stock. Often it makes the customers furious because they are thinking the product is available. Like you are showing a great outfit in your store and not selling it to anyone. The print does not allow customers to know the product is out of stock and a clear notification is required. Make a bigger notification and ensure it is in red color so the customers can spot it.

How to Prevent It

Give an Explanation

The products can either be available in restricted amount or out of stock for the whole year. It is essential to create a product page explaining the reason why an item is not available at the moment. For instance, you can write “Due to high demand, the product is not available”.

Provide Similar Items

Instead of redirecting to another page, you can add similar product recommendations on the product detailed page. This allows the customers to check a few other related products. If a customer is looking for a leather jacket and it is out of stock, show related pictures of that jacket with different color and design.

Show Not Available Options

The out of stock notifications can also appear on the category page so the customers prevent clicking on it. Put an “out of stock” or “not available” banner on the products with a different color than the rest of the products.

Offer Text Notifications

When the out of stock product is available on the store then the customers should receive a text notification. Sending regular notifications of the available products can boost the number of sales of your ecommerce store. In this way, you can make loyal customers who would rather wait for a few days for your product then purchase a product from your competitors.

Here are some ways to combat the out of stock product issues and how to increase customer’s retention. This can help you build long-lasting relationship with the customers.

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