5 Critical Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Email marketing is a great tool, allowing the opportunity to send targeted content directly to someone who has expressed interest or already engaged with your company. It’s so commonplace these days that a lot of companies forget just how valuable a tool it is when done right. However, when done wrong, it’s a total waste of time. And, getting it wrong only requires one mistake. Here are some ecommerce email marketing mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Neglecting about Mobile

It’s a fact of the modern world that smartphones, tablets and other personal devices rule the landscape. It’s probably surprising to hear but so much of life, business, and pleasure is conducted within the few inches of that small screen. The consequence for you is that your ecommerce emails have to be formatted for mobile. The images and text should be adjusted for mobile versions which can be done through coding or using various options with your email marketing service. Test your emails to see that they work before sending them out.

2. Low Email Frequency

Once someone has agreed opted into your database, use it wisely. It’s tempting to be reluctant about over-intruding. But the truth is that it’s more important for you to be there consistently, ready for when they want to shop than worrying it will annoy them. Sending emails daily to the customers is not appropriate. But a weekly email is a perfect solution for the frequency they will be interested and you won’t be over-intruding. Even twice a week isn’t too much.

3. Too Much Promotional Content

This isn’t to say ecommerce stores shouldn’t be promoting. But it can be off-putting when every single communication is simply raw self-promotion. It’s too tedious for the customers and feels pushy. Try to send helpful content, updates, and opinions. For instance, if you send emails twice a week, have one of those emails be promotional and the other ones to help your subscribers with a problem they have. Helpful content is also self-promotion but in a more subtle and enjoyable way.

4. No Call to Actions

It seems an odd idea, but you should be tasking your email readership often enough to keep them engaged. Keyword instructions like ‘check out’, ‘login’, ‘browse’ and ‘login’ act as a call to action (CTA) for the readers, who will quite often respond to the request. Since more than 90% of visitors who read your headline also read your CTA copy. Place your CTA button at the bottom of an email. That’s a very appropriate place and not so over-intruding and the same goes for mobile.

5. Text-heavy Website

Email recipients may become furious if they open an email to a wall of text. Try to break it up with all sorts of other forms of communication such as images, videos, and gifs. It is better to stick to sparse, exciting uses of keywords. When your email servers are text only, you should use good formatting with plenty of white space. Use bullet point lists, headings, subheadings, and short paragraphs to create something great for your readers to consume.

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